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    About Us

    Below please find all of our training videos that can be easily viewed by selecting from the video options on this pages.

    About the Inventor
    • As an EMS professional coming from a background of mechanical work and engineering, Martin Rizo Patron was frustrated by the lack of inefficiency and “cookie-cutter treatment” that conventional cervical provided. After having to treat hundreds/thousands of patients with the conventional less than useful c-collar, he decided to create a better tool to provide better care for trauma patients with potential cervical spine injuries. He took the already existing practice of splinting and applied it to the cervical spine.

      After over a decade of working with EMS and definitive car professionals, the XCollar is now the excellent Cervical Splinting Tool it is today.

    About Emegear
    • Initially founded by the Inventor himself, Emegear LLC eventually grew with the help of other passionate EMS professionals that each provided their decades of field experience to improve our technology. We were founded by Emergency Care Professionals to provide a better tool to Emergency Care Providers all over the world. We have now been working with agencies in over 46 different countries and in all 50 states to improve the quality of patient care, by providing EMS agencies with the best tools available.

    About Our Technology
    • The shortfalls of conventional cervical immobilization devices have been static since its inception back in the 70s. Our technology was initially launched in 2005 decades before the clinical and medical field was ready for it. Thanks to the aggregated clinical evidence finding conventional collars to be detrimental to patients as well as studies and field evidence showing that our technology is a life saver, Cervical Splinting is now in the best tool available for use with updated selective spinal management protocols.

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