Endorsements & Testimonials

This page is dedicated to testimonials regarding the XCollar, NeXsplint, and the practice of Cervical Splinting in general. Feel free to take time and browse what other people and agencies have to say. If you or your agency has had an experience with the XCollar you would like to share, please let us know!

E-mail us stories, pictures, videos, etc. at info@xcollar.com. We would love to share your experiences!
"This is where the future of cervical immobilization is headed"
-Bryan Bledsoe, DO, FACEP, EMT-P

Professor of Emergency Medicine
University of the Nevada School of Medicine
"Truly a milestone in the evolution of cervical spine care"
-Mike Smith, BS, MICP (EMS Magazine)
Mount Horeb Fire & EMS Agency
"We would like to express our pleasure with your product, the X-Collar. We have had the product in use for several months. The X-Collar provides superior support of the head and neck. Once immobilized the patient is a complete package and more stable when moving to the backboard. We are very happy with our switch to X-Collar".
Dr. Tamakawa's Testimonial - XCollar Training in Japan 2009
Dr. Tamakawa from Japan informed us in his e-mail that he and his rescue team members were happy to find that when they used the XCollar, they didn't need to hold the patient's head manually during treatment; describing the XCollar as "having excellent potential for keeping cervical stabilization". You can find the same statement in the conclusions of the study published in the 2009 April issue of the journal Pre-Hospital Emergency Care. Click here to access Dr. Tamakawa's full testimonial and photos picturing the XCollar training in Japan, 2009.
Deer River Ambulance
Renee Donnelly, the Ambulance Director for Deer River HealthCare Center in Deer River, Minnesota, stated that after several failed attempts to stabilize a large supine patient with conventional c-collars she successfully immobilized him with the XCollar before transporting him by helicopter. Click here to view Renee's full letter.
Dane County Department of Emergency Medicine
Click here to view the Memorandum by the Medical Advisory Subcommittee to the District Directors and Chiefs in the County of Dane, Wisconsin. The members of the Committee "strongly recommend" the use of our technology over conventional c-collars.
Dallas Fire & Rescue Dept. Field Trial Results
Thanks to Dallas Fire & Rescue Department's overwhelmingly positive response to the XCollar Plus, they decided to implement Cervical Splinting Technology.
Berkeley Fire Department Field Trial Results
Take a look at the results for the Berkeley Fire Department field trial. They have since adopted the XCollar cervical splinting technology.
Kim Lamprecht, O’Fallon EMS, Illinois
"I am very pleased with the way that they prevent more movement of the cervical spine when applied as opposed to the collars we use now. Our system and ITLS is also advocating the use of them".

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